Little Ladybirds Childminding - The Premises

Play Room


The main room used for childminding is the Play Room at the rear of the house. It is well stocked with a large variety of toys and resources, most of which the children can access themselves.

There is a large comfy settee in the Play Room, which makes it feel more like home, and is great for relaxing, reading a story, or just having a quiet minute to chill out! The Play Room has a small child size table and chairs, which encourages the children to sit independently and safely for meals, activities, drawing, jigsaws, etc. There is also a full sized family dining table, which can be used for mealtimes or activities and can be used by older children to do any homework. High chairs are available for younger children who need them, so that they can sit at the dining table and be part of the social group. Pencils, crayons and paper are always available for children to do drawings and mark making. Children also have continuous access to books, which they select themselves from the bookshelf, either to look at independently or to read and share with others.

Examples of some of the toys and resources available to the children to freely access are: role-play toys, dressing-up clothes, musical instruments, different types of construction blocks, electronic learning toys, cars and vehicles, train sets, dolls and prams, dinosaurs and farm animals, baby toys.


Children’s art work and topic displays are put up on the wall, as well as photos of the children, to remind them of their achievements and share these with parents and others. There is also a large friendly painting of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant on the wall; this not only helps to teach children colours, but is also because Elmer is a very special elephant. (For parents and carers who have not met Elmer the Patchwork Elephant: Elmer is different from all the other elephants in the jungle. Instead of being grey he has a patchwork of all the colours in the rainbow. But one day he gets fed up with being different and decides he'd like a change. Soon he realises that being different is one of the things that makes him special. Each child is unique – and that makes them special, just like Elmer.)


The lounge is also registered for use, as this gives children more space to play, as well as access to the television, DVDs and games consoles. It also provides a space for older children to use age appropriate toys, away from the smaller toddlers and babies.

Upstairs Bedroom

The back bedroom is registered for childminding use. This gives a quiet space for children to be able to sleep and rest without being disturbed. There are travel cots available for babies, and older children can use the sleep mats. Each child who requires a sleep is allocated their own sheets to use. Sleeping children are regularly checked on, and are also monitored via baby monitor.



The Garden is very spacious and is split into sections for play, gardening, and pets. We have a rabbit, Benny, who lives in a hutch in the garden and, along with Squiggles the cat, is used to teach the children about animals and pets. There are many toys and resources available including chalks, a sandpit, sand and water equipment, ride-in/on vehicles and sports equipment for children to play with.



The hallway has lots of information available for parents, including details about meals and activities. Information is clearly displayed on noticeboards, incuding details of each week's planned activities. Children are given their own coat peg, storage basket and box in the hallway. Each child is allocated a different coloured ladybird, which even the youngest children can begin to recognise where to put their things (shoes, hats etc). This helps to give them a sense of belonging and encourages their independence skills. Under the stairs is a large storage cupboard which houses additional toys and resources; this ensures that the playroom does not get overcrowded with resources, and enables toy rotation to keep the children interested.

Other Rooms

Bathroom: The bathroom is located upstairs, and has potties available for children who need them. There is also a child’s step for those children who need it to get onto the toilet, or to reach the sink properly. Towels are changed at least daily, and are only used for the childminding business to minimize infection.

Kitchen: Meals, drinks and snacks are prepared in the kitchen. Meals are mostly prepared from scratch, and help to teach the children about healthy eating. (Specific dietary requirements can be catered for on request). Little Ladybirds Childminding is registered as a Food Business, and has been visited by the local Environmental Health Officer. Advice and guidance from Environmental Health is followed, to promote good hygiene practices.